Nuclear Fallout from the Nevada Test Site 1951-1970 in Kentucky

Nuclear bombs were being tested less than an hour from Las Vegas—and Howard Hughes tried to stop it
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A London : The shared-electron chemical bond. The sizes of ions and their influence on the properties of salt-like compounds.

Nevada Test Site

The influence of relative ionic sizes on the properties of ionic compounds. The crystal structure of potassium chloroplatinate. Ewing and Linus Pauling]. The application of the quantum mechanics to the structure of the hydrogen molecule and hydrogen molecule-ion and to related problems. The crystal structure of topaz. Why study German: Opinions of eminent scholars and educators of southern California on the importance of German instruction. Modern Languages Forum October : 8. The coordination theory of the structure of ionic crystals.

Festschrift zum Geburtstage Arnold Sommerfelds , Verlag von S. Hirzel, Leipzig, : Note on the pressure transitions of the rubidium halides. The principles determining the structure of complex ionic crystals. The crystal structure of the A -modification of the rare earth sesquioxides. Note on the paper of A. Sturdivant and Linus Pauling]. Quantum defects for non-penetrating orbits Pasadena meeting of the American Physical Society, December 8, Momentum distribution in hydrogen-like atoms. On the crystal structure of the chlorides of certain bivalent elements. The molecular structure of the tungstosilicates and related compounds.

Photo-ionization in liquids and crystals and the dependence of the frequency of X-ray absorption edges on chemical constitution. On the crystal structure of nickel chlorostannate hexahydrate. The structure of the micas and related minerals. Note on the lattice constant of ammonium hexafluoaluminate. The structure of sodalite and helvite.

1953 in military history

Advance prints of fallout totals for each of the contiguous United States from nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site from through presented. County-by-county estimates of radioactive fallout from nuclear devices detonated at the Nevada Test Site, Fallout listed for each county in terms of.

The structure of some sodium and calcium aluminosilicates. Rotational motion of molecules in crystals. B 8 : The crystal structure of bixbyite and the C -modification of the sesquioxides. The structure of the chlorites.

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The crystal structure of cadmium chloride. The Structure of Line Spectra. New York: McGraw-Hill, , pp. The determination of crystal structure by X-rays. Quantum mechanics and the chemical bond. The nature of the chemical bond.

1953 in military history

Application of results obtained from the quantum mechanics and from a theory of paramagnetic susceptibility to the structure of molecules. The one-electron bond and the three-electron bond. Objections to a proof of molecular asymmetry of optically active phenylaminoacetic acid.

Review of The Structure of Crystals, 2nd ed. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 24 January : The transition from one extreme bond type to another. The crystal structure of magnesium platinocyanide heptahydrate.

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The packing of spheres. Screening constants for many-electron atoms.

The calculation and interpretation of X-ray term values, and the calculation of atomic scattering factors. The crystal structure of chalcopyrite, CuFeS 2. A 82 : Interatomic distances in covalent molecules and resonance between two or more Lewis electronic structures. The additivity of the energies of normal covalent bonds. The electronic structure of the normal nitrous oxide molecule. The energy of single bonds and the relative electronegativity of atoms. The resonance of molecules among several electronic structures.

The Nucleus [Northeastern Section, Am. The crystal structure of sulvanite, CU 3 VS 4. A 84 : Note on the crystal structure of rubidium nitrate. The determination of the structures of the hexafluorides of sulfur, selenium and tellurium by the electron diffraction method. Brockway and Linus Pauling].

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The formulas of antimonic acid and the antimonates. Errata: J.

Explosions in 1953

The electron-diffraction investigation of the structure of molecules of methyl azide and carbon suboxide. The crystal structure of ammonium hydrogen fluoride, NH 4 HF 2. A 85 : The calculation of matrix elements for Lewis electronic structures of molecules. The quantum-mechanical calculation of the resonance energy of benzene and naphthalene and the hydrocarbon free radicals.

The calculation from thermochemical data of the energy of resonance of molecules among several electronic structures.

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The calculation of resonance energy in conjugated systems. Science 80 November : The structure of calcium boride, CaB 6. A 87 : Covalent radii of atoms and interatomic distances in crystals containing electron- pair bonds. The cristal [sic] structure of enargite, Cu 3 AsS 4. A 88 : The crystal structure of binnite, Cu, Fe 12 As 4 S l3 , and the chemical composition and structure of minerals of the tetrahedrite group. The structure of the carboxyl group.

The investigation of formic acid by the diffraction of electrons.

The crystal structure of basic beryllium acetate. A study of the methods of interpretation of electron-diffraction photographs of gas molecules, with results for benzene and carbon tetrachloride.

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A wave-mechanical treatment of the Mills-Nixon effect. Faraday Soc. Sutton and Linus Pauling]. The unit of structure of telluric acid, Te OH 6. A 91 : Remarks on the theory of aromatic free radicals. The oxygen equilibrium of hemoglobin and its structural interpretation. Science 81 May : The van der Waals interaction of hydrogen atoms.

A quantum mechanical discussion of orientation of substituents in aromatic molecules. Wheland and Linus Pauling]. The crystal structure of swedenborgite, NaBe 4 SbO 7. Klug, and A. The structure and entropy of ice and of other crystals with some randomness of atomic arrangement. The radial distribution method of interpretation of electron diffraction photographs of gas molecules. The electron diffraction investigation of phosgene, the six chloroethylenes, thiophosgene, alpha-methylhydroxylamine and nitromethane. Brockway, J. Beach, and Linus Pauling].

The dependence of interatomic distance on single bond-double bond resonance. Brockway, and J. Atomic Scattering Factors. Ionic and Atomic Radii. Review of The Structure of Crystals.

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Supplement for to the 2 nd edition. Wyckoff New York: Reinhold, Science 82 October : Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, with Applications to Chemistry. Bright Wilson, Jr. Reprint: Dover Books, New York, , pp. Tokyo: Hakusuisha, , pp. Italian translation: Introduzione alla meccanica quantistica. Padua: Piccin Editore, , pp.